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January 22, 2004

Speaking in San Francisco

For those who may be in the San Francisco area next month, I’ll be speaking at Digital Design World, in the Web Design track, on February 18 and 19. In addition to my talk “From Tables to Styles: CSS-Based Redesign”, I’m doing a couple of new things: “Patent Pains: New Coding Challenges for Rich Media” is a panel with Jim Heid on dealing with the fallout from the Eolas lawsuit against Microsoft, and “Webcasting: From Zero to Live in 60 Minutes” will be a practical session on setting up a live webcast, culminating in a live Webcast at the end of the session.

Maybe I’ll see you there...

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January 12, 2004

New articles at A List Apart

Interestingly, these two articles describe techniques which are mutually exclusive (at least as presented in the articles). It is quite difficult to use a background image to create the illusion of columns, while maintaining a flexible width on said columns. Both are good articles, and Dan’s explanation on Faux Columns, a favorite technique of mine, gives me a great resource to point to when people ask.

Faux Columns
by Dan Cederholm
“It’s a beginning CSS designer’s nightmare and a frequently asked question at ALA: Multi-column CSS layouts can run into trouble when one of the columns stops short of its intended length. Here’s a simple solution.”
Elastic Design
by Patrick Griffiths
“Not quite liquid, yet not fixed-width either, Elastic Design combines the strengths of both. Done well, it can enhance accessibility, exploit neglected monitor and browser capabilities, and freshen your creative juices as a designer. Patrick Griffiths shows how to start.”

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