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January 12, 2004

New articles at A List Apart

Interestingly, these two articles describe techniques which are mutually exclusive (at least as presented in the articles). It is quite difficult to use a background image to create the illusion of columns, while maintaining a flexible width on said columns. Both are good articles, and Dan’s explanation on Faux Columns, a favorite technique of mine, gives me a great resource to point to when people ask.

Faux Columns
by Dan Cederholm
“It’s a beginning CSS designer’s nightmare and a frequently asked question at ALA: Multi-column CSS layouts can run into trouble when one of the columns stops short of its intended length. Here’s a simple solution.”
Elastic Design
by Patrick Griffiths
“Not quite liquid, yet not fixed-width either, Elastic Design combines the strengths of both. Done well, it can enhance accessibility, exploit neglected monitor and browser capabilities, and freshen your creative juices as a designer. Patrick Griffiths shows how to start.”

Posted by Mark on January 12, 2004 10:00 AM