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December 12, 2003

This week at A List Apart

Night of the Image Map
by Stuart Robertson
“CSS design from beyond the grave: all the secret ingredients you’ll need to resurrect the image map using CSS and structurally sensible XHTML. Departments”

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December 08, 2003

Writing Efficient CSS

Most of you are aware that using CSS to style your content can save a significant amount of bandwidth, especially if you have a popular site. If you find that you need to squeeze every last bit (or byte) out of your markup and CSS, take a look at this article at Community MX by Big John and Holly (from Position is Everything). And even if you aren’t worried about page weight, the article has some handy tips and does a good job explaining the various short-hand properties you find in CSS.

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December 05, 2003

A List Apart Issue No. 165

CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders
by Søren Madsen
“Must CSS layouts be boxy and hard-edged? In this article, we’ll show how customized borders and corners can be applied to fully fluid and flexible layouts with dynamic content, using sound and semantically logical markup.”
Retooling Slashdot with Web Standards Part II
by Daniel M. Frommelt
“In Part I, we showed how Slashdot could save money and reduce bandwidth requirements by converting to semantic XHTML markup and CSS layout. In Part II, we explore how standards-compliant markup and deft use of CSS could make Slashdot (and your sites) play nicely in print and on handheld devices.”

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December 01, 2003

SimpleQuiz, Part X

In Part X of his ongoing series, SimpleQuiz, Dan Cederholm (for Matt Haughey) asks about the correct way to mark up multiple paragraphs within a list item. The concern is the extra vertical white space introduced by doing so. This is easily handled by CSS. In fact I do similar things on this iBlog, marking up blockquotes and paragraphs within definition lists and controlling their presentation with descendant selectors in the style sheet.

See also Environmental Style here and Max Design’s Selectutorial...

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