This is the Content DIV. It has a left margin of 230 pixels, giving a 10 pixel gutter between it and the Navigation DIV. There is not a whole lot more to say here, except that I discovered the workaround for getting this layout to work when I really wanted a negative margin on the navigation DIV for a site I was working on. When I applied that negative margin, the Content DIV jumped into place in Netscape 4. So I wasn't out looking for a hack or workaround, but was fortunate enough to find one. In the site I was working on the margin was more than a single pixel, but that is all that is needed to get it to work.

I have used this basic layout on several projects. To give you an idea of how the layout can be modified for different purposes take a look at how I have used it.

Astronomy Education Review
This online journal was the first site I used the layout in, and the one in which I discovered the negative left margin workaround for NN4. This site uses all CSS for layout.
Kitt Peak Visitor Center
These pages use tables for laying out the headers and footers, but the main layout started with this basic two column layout.
A Planetary Nebula Sampler
These pages also use some tables in the headers and footers. I have also used the floating thumbnails technique for the thumbnails on the first page.