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My presentations from the talks I gave last month are now avaialable. They were developed for viewing on Safari or a Gecko based browser at 800x600 resolution. Since they use a bit of fixed positioning they don't do so well in IE for Windows. You’ve been warned...

On July 28, 2003 I’ll be speaking at Web Design World in Seattle. My presentation is titled, “From Tables to Styles: CSS-Based Redesign.”

For more information visit the Web Design World site.

And, if you are looking to save even more money, I’ll be speaking at WebVisions3 in Portland on July 18. Registration is only $75 for a day of speakers including Kelly Goto and Jeff Veen, trade fair, wrap party and more!

Come the end of July, I’ll be at Web Design World, along with other speakers including Jeffrey Zeldman, Carrie Bickner, Jim Heid, Curt Cloninger, Kelly Goto, and more. (Quick, what sets me apart from the aforementioned list? I haven’t written a book!) I’ll be presenting From Tables to Styles: CSS-Based Redesign.

In other CSS news, Zeldman has written up a nice mini-essay on Rules Based Design (as opposed to Grid Based Design), and Christopher Schmitt shares 50 ways to style your headings.

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Recently posted at iBlog:

I’ve written a new article for A List Apart called CSS Design: Taming Lists.

Sometimes it’s the little things that set a design apart from the rest. To that end I’ve added a new Technique called Hanging Punctuation.

I inadvertently uploaded an older version of this page earlier, so I took the opportunity to change the image above. As you were...